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Prommpt is constantly synchronising the project and portfolio data to a server, which enables you to share and collaborate with your team. Whenever you make changes to any of the modules and you leave the screen or dialogue, Prommpt writes the updated data to the server and makes it available instantly to your team collaborators. Prommpt also checks regularly for any updates to your shared projects in the background and fetches them if there is a newer version available. Of course you can always force a full synchronisation by tapping the sync icon in the top right corner.

When you are in offline mode, for example during a flight, you can work on your projects and Prommpt will automatically synchronise next time you are online. You will receive a warning that you are offline and should check for synchronisation conflicts next time you are online and we suggest you are very cautious working offline in larger teams.

Prommpt is not designed for simultaneous editing and when more than one person works on (make changes to) a project at the same time, it is almost inevitable that a conflict will be created. You can however view a project at any time without causing any conflict. It is therefore recommended that in large meetings where the data contained in Prommpt is being reviewed and updated, one person is nominated for the editing.

How to resolve a conflict?

In case a conflict occurs, Prommpt will create a conflicting copy (marked with an exclamation mark) in your project list on the left pane, which is automatically shared with all administrators and the conflict creator. The conflict needs to be resolved manually by contacting the person last making changes to the not-conflicted version of the project and the one causing the conflict. Their names can be found under the project title. The updated data from the conflicted copy needs to be re-entered into the not-conflicted version. Thereafter, the conflicted version can be deleted.